Sunday, 17 September 2017

A World of Words!

A World Of Words:
LI - Use a text structure appropriate to the text

Coming back from a long game of rainy netball, I run upstairs and my cow onesie glows like an angel in my spacious closet. Wearing that, I seize my beanie, grab my literature heaven and head to the kitchen to make myself a substantial cup of hot cocoa.

I jump onto the couch, happy to let myself free into the world of words, where a glorious land awaits me. As the hot chocolate is placed on the coffee table, the shimmery white and coal black blanket comes up and the dog ears are unfolded as my perfect Saturday begins. I am consumed into the volume, and I experience fairies, trolls, kings and queens firsthand. I’m nearly eaten alive, have the fear of getting captured and I also make new friends. I hope this fantasy never ends.

As I meet new people, the despairing reality hits me. I decide to spend my last moments in glee. I meet dragons and villains, and people like Peter Pan. This splendor is excellent and I don’t want to leave because going back to the Otherworld is harder than it seems.

Wednesday, 2 August 2017

Pick a Place to Describe!

WALT - Describe a place using the ISSFSOW writing frame.

This week for writing, we have been working on describing a place. To help us make our writing better, we used the ISSFSOW writing frame and we tried to use interesting vocabulary. We also used prepositions, verbs/gerunds or adverbs as sentence starters.

Raapa 2 Here-turi-koka 2017
My Bedroom

Walking up the stairs and reaching the platform, I turn right and sprint into my bedroom, also known as my sanctuary. ~ (Introduction to place)

On my door hangs a heart with my name spelt on it. Quickly, you stroll past that and on my bed you see a bunch of soft toys, including a donut pillow and an emoji pillow. ~ (Sight)

Bouncing onto my bed, the smell of fresh air mingles with my perfume, so that the scent dances around my sanctuary. ~ (Smell)

Whenever I’m in my bedroom, I always feel joyous and at peace. Staring at all the pictures and photos I have remind me of old and new memories. ~ (Feel)

Deciding what to wear, music will play on my radio in the background to keep me company. ~ (Sound)

Gazing at my ceiling, I see my rotating universe model, popping out against my blank canvas ceiling. ~ (Observation)

My room clutches a lot of precious memories and I think it is the best place in the world. ~ (Wrap it up)

Sunday, 23 July 2017

Speech Judging Sheet!

Speech Judging Sheet

Name: Rhea                Topic: Yr 6 Camp - The Do’s and                the Don’ts
Main Points

Self Assessment
Low                                         High
1           2           3           4           5

My speech was organised logically into paragraphs, with an effective introduction and a conclusion.

I used some gestures, stood still and made eye contact with my audience.

My voice was clear and loud.  I didn’t speak too quickly or too slowly.
My speech had a message and was original, interesting and relevant to the audience.

I used ‘powerful’ words in my speech.  I also included some language features (eg repetition, alliteration, similes etc)

My speech was between 2 ½ and 3 ½ minutes long.

Next time I need to …

Work on adding in powerful vocabulary and I could add a few more ideas into my conclusion.

Wednesday, 28 June 2017

Speech ~ Yr 6 Camp- The Do's and the Don'ts!

Yr 6 Camp ~ The DO’S and the DON’TS

The week all students in Halsey Drive wait for. Everyone’s pumped, full of adrenalin and then they find out that there’s a bit of a twist. The twist is teachers always telling you to DO clean your dorms or DON’T use your torch to go to the bathroom at night. Trust me, I’m an experienced Year 6 who’s been to camp and done everything there. Have you guessed what I’m talking about yet? If you guessed Year 6 camp - The Do’s and the Don’ts, then you are absolutely correct.

There are so many rules at camp, which unfortunately means teachers are always telling you to do this or do that. For example, when I was at Camp, the biggest DO was probably having to eat your greens. The consequence for not doing this was not being able to eat dessert. Trust me, even if you dared to go without eating them, Mr Bainbridge was outside to check your plate. If you didn’t eat your peas or salad, he would also send you back inside and make you eat them. I don’t think this is really fair though because according to The Washington Post, 9 out of 10 kids still don’t eat their vegetables.

Yawn! After a glorious, jam packed day full of adventurous activities, you can't wait to get to bed. But suddenly bad news approaches like a thunderstorm. You wake up in the middle of the night and realise you have to go to the bathroom. The only superior problem is that the teachers said that we’re not allowed to use torches to go to the bathroom at night. When I was at Camp, some girls flashed their torches in other girls faces before going downstairs to the bathroom and so Miss Richardson had to have a Talk with all the girls. As a punishment, all the girls had to bring their torches and fidget spinners, as some girls also had glow in the dark ones. Miss Richardson was going to confiscate them but she asked us what we did with them. Some of us were really lucky (Like me!) and didn’t lose them but some others did.

Uh-oh! A Mr Tomokino angry alert! You should do anything and everything but this at Camp. Someone left a half-eaten green apple at a lunch table and didn’t own up to it. This happened on Thursday afternoon and it wasn’t a pleasant experience because we missed going to the playground. Instead of going there, we had to tidy our dorms and pack our suitcases, preparing to come back to school the next day. After that we just sat in the hall and we weren’t even allowed to TALK! It was so boring. But luckily, the next morning instead of going for a run on the beach we got to go to the playground and this was a huge bonus for us.

Well, this is just about the end of my speech and I hope you enjoyed it. Camp is a place where you get lots of free time with friends and fantastic opportunities but if you really want to make it an amazing experience, then follow these tips and use the advice I’ve told you. Now that you’ve all heard my speech, DO use my tips at camp and DON’T annoy the teachers. So, Halsey Drive, I look forward to hearing your happy and memorable versions of Camp.

Wednesday, 21 June 2017

My Story, My Taonga!

This term, we had to create a slides to showcase our Taonga. I liked the way I chose things I am passionate about and added in lots detail to make my slides more interesting. I think I could work on adding more slides to my Pandora bracelet.

Come to Samoa!

For Samoan Language Week, we created posters saying tourists should come to Samoa. I like the way I used a lot of Samoan vocabulary. I completed my work to the best of my ability.